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Award for design & carpentry in Tyrol 2021

Kategorie: Object

We are delighted that our Innsbruck City Library project has received an award for Design & Carpentry Tyrol 2021.


The concept of the new Innsbruck City Library sees the library as a public space, as a place of learning and meeting. The library is a freely accessible bookshelf and street furniture. The highest demands were placed on the design and execution of this piece of furniture. We thank the company Spechtenhauser Holz- und Glasbau GmbH for the excellent execution.

The jury's assessment:

"With its dimensions of 5 x 9 meters, the really huge furniture, with constantly changing radii, is perfectly crafted. The result is an element that zones the room and creates a clear structure. The dividing elements around the desk are also in the background Room-high, curved and precisely executed. A lot of attention has been paid to the acoustics, which all in all makes something like the secret living room of the city of Innsbruck. "