SPZ  Sonderpädagogisches Zentrum Innsbruck

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The project exists as a flat, urban development with extreme horizontal permeability. All functions are networked, and accessable on two levels. Intimate patio spaces alternate with open space in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of a modern school.

The building is designed as a two-storey flat form in order to not impair the spacious courtyards and the exposure of the existing building. The Green Belt of the Inn promenade runs through the atrium to the garden of the existing school. Through a permeable wall at the atrium, an area both spatially limited and, at the same time, open is created. Differentiated typologies of public space border intimate play areas. Trees provide shade and ponds invite you to play. The two-storey foyer is at the same level of the gymnasium and cafeteria, allowing it to expand to provide a broad framework for festivities. Niche-like areas for communication in the circulation spaces provide refuge. This takes place in a feild of blurred boundaries between the natural environement and the various functional areas of the school.

On the roof are the small playing fields and other outdoor functions - such as the motor skills courses around the Atrium. The facades are a translucent metal curtain-wall design, the different functional areas and buildings are interwoven with each other to integrate solar panels and create and elegant, structural sunscreen.

Public Buildings
Project Start-End: 
2011/02 - 2011/03
Competition (open)
Service phases: 
HOA PL§3 1-2, HOAI 1-3

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Thomas Feuerstein, Peter Griebel , Daniel Luckeneder,

Wolfgang Mitterer