WPO  Wohn- und Pflegeheim Oberndorf

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Excerpt from jury report:
"Is impressed with the project with a clear, introverted attitude, manifested by two atriums with no visual reference to the outside. The experience of space along the tour around the atrium exciting in the floor plan level 2 is the transition area with the necessary residence zones dimensioned slightly too small. The axial dimension of the room is spacious with a 3.80 m and the partition wall between the rooms with niches for the offset boxes have succeeded "...
The project distinguishes clearly between the common areas of design, as well as the private living rooms, making it an architectural concept.
The building offers atria as moving at light-filled centres. This allows all residents in the common social life to take part. Box seats to the private rooms offer insights into the courtyards and communication facilities can participate directly in the events of each housemate in the house.
You know who comes and goes, watching with amusement and keep up to date.
The project responds to a compact urban development, divided into two cubes, pre-recorded and exposed by internal atriums. The stations are connected by a centrally located main staircase. In this area there are also two stories in the maintenance bases and thus guarantee the best possible care and clarity. The ground floor is divided into administrative, reserved for the organization and in the western part of the eastern part, a public area in which facilities for the residents, such as the multi-purpose room with a private chapel, day care or laundry facilities are located. The facades of the wings are designed in a dark room (geflämmten) wood, the structure includes a shingle-like layering, it creates an elegant and traditional exterior. On the inside of the wood is natural, bright and imparts a warm, homely atmosphere which provides space for personalization. The remaining exterior walls are plastered in massive construction.
The concept of the garden design equivalent of a flowing landscape. The route is designed as a closed, repeatedly crossing designed circuit, so that all garden areas found, or may be committed indefinitely by the way. The landscape will invite you to stroll and linger. The path defined in its interstices fields which are planted with various flowers (wildflowers) and grasses (reeds, bamboo, ferns) with different colors and plant height. In one of the spaces, there is a pond. The entire site is barrier free

Public buildings
Project Start-End: 
2011/05 - 2011/06
Competition (invitation)
Honorable mention
Service phases: 
HOA PL§3 1-2, HOAI 1-3

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Thomas Feuerstein, Peter Griebel, Daniel Luckeneder