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Design Studio BA 1.A University of Liechtenstein; Lecturer: Arch. DI. Kathrin Aste

The headlight is a motive to broach the issue of structurally seeing objects. The object that is examined is decomposed into its parts, functionally drained, transformed and decontextualized. This means that the object is unhinged from its usual context and transferred into a new spatial relationship. The change of context changes the object and interprets it differently. Architecture evolves. The project that is to be designed is theoretically and as regards contents accompanied by an introduction to specific topics of art such as Objet trouvé (Found Art), Ready Made, „Object Art“ or Dadaism.

The change of context changes the objects, leaves room for new interpretation. The word Context is intrinsically tied to the word Meaning. Structures of Meaning can only be understood through context. New Environments ask critical questions and take a stand. New Environments support the bond between existing objects, cause context and therefore specific meaning. An `objet trouvé‘ (french for `found object‘) is a work of art, or rather part of a work of art, that is made from found objects of everyday life or waste. They are called Ready-mades, if the artist does not or only slightly alters the found object.

Studentprojects on site : Ennio Lardi, Simon Frick,  Meryem Beypinar


Institution: University of Liechtenstein
Term: 2011
Title: alreadymade
Tutor: Kathrin Aste

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