RPG  Edelrauthütte

The basic concept of the design, and what sets it apart from other contemporary cottage projects, is the creation of an ensemble. This creates a sense of scale and proportion appropriate to the site. The building is integrated into the landscape and becomes lost among the surrounding boulders and rocks. Through this approach, the marking of a place by a structure is prevented allowing the landscape to remain the dominant feature.

The shelter constitutes an exception, in a matter of program and use of space. There are clusters of space which are only used temporarily or are required to be heated only slightly, and other rooms which are used very often depending on weather, season and number of guests. In response, the design follows the functional principle of organizing spaces through thermal optimization, on the one hand by the formation of core zones, and on the other hand, by dividing the space into three similar bodies.

This project examines the relationship between technology and comfort. For structural purposes, the building is designed with solid wood panels 5s (Cross-laminated timber). The mostly prefabricated construction is favorable for the difficult assembly conditions in the High Alps. The exposed interior of  the solid wood panels remain on view, giving the appearance of a natural and comfortable surface. This gives the interior gives it a comfortable, familiar atmosphere. The façade features a high-tech design, depending on the given requirements, dark matte (non-reflective) metal panels, photovoltaic panels or mottled wood slats are applied. The plate and sheet structure has the high level of rigidity necessary to resist high wind speeds in the high mountains. The s

" title="Massivholzplatten haben gegenüber Rahmenkonstruktionen eine hohe Lebensdauer und hervorragende Brandschutzeigenschaften.">olid wood panel construction has the advantage over frame construction in terms of durability and fire retardant properties.

Alpine Cottage
Project Start-End: 
2012/03 - 2012/04
Competition (invitation)
Service phases: 
HOA PL§3 1-2, HOAI 1-3
Project partners: 

bergmeisterwolf architects, Brixen


Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Benjamin Ennemoser, Peter Griebel, Phillipe Grotenrath